Medical tourism


Medical tourism is a global phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of medicine, economics, and tourism professions. It is a very sensitive area, because it is about a human health and human life as the most important human values.

Due to its geographical position, climate and attractive natural resources, Luna Hotel is an ideal place for the selection of health tourism. Whether you prefer preventive treatment or recovery, relax and body regeneration or just a vacation, we offer to you “holiday and health”.

In the centre of the island of Pag is natural spa with sediment mud that has a proven effect in treating rheumatic and various dermatological diseases. Healing mud therapy helps to keep the moisture of the body and skin, has anti-inflammatory effect, successfully removes toxins from the body, reduces pain and detoxifies the skin.

In addition to four different saunas (Finnish, Turkish and Bio) our hotel in also offers curative mineral mud, which plays an important role in treatment of dermatological and rheumatic diseases.

With constantly rising costs of medical services in developed countries and longer and longer waiting lists for medical services in European countries, more and more visitors from European countries chooses LUNA HOTEL because of its fast, professional and financially affordable medical services.

Our approach to every guest is individualized, and our team of experts (doctors, specialists, non-medical staff and nutritionists) have spent part of their education and work in western developed countries, and follow the example of best world practice in the provision of best international medical tourism service.

WE PROVIDE FOLLOWING SERVICES: ANTI-STRESS PROGRAM, INTENSIVE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, PULMONARY REHABILITATION PROGRAM (intended for all people (regardless of their age) who have problems with chronic and/or frequent illness such as: bronchitis, lung disease and asthma), and LOCOMOTOR REHABILITATION PROGRAM (intended for all people who engage in professional sports and for all people (regardless of their age) who have chronic rheumatic diseases like: arthritis, etc. )

Decide from our rich packages of medical services and book your place today!